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Clear Trauma Without Reliving It

Traumatic incidents can continue to negatively impact your life on a daily basis. From trouble sleeping to reliving terrifying memories, trauma can trigger other negative emotions and behaviors like hopelessness, anxiety, anger and addiction. You may feel the need to seek help but you are concerned that therapy sessions will bring back the haunting and vivid memories you have tried so hard to avoid.

Understanding Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) can eliminate or clear negative effects of past experiences and the distorted beliefs attached to them. The most striking difference between RRT and other trauma therapies is that during Rapid Resolution Therapy, you do not need to relive the past or feel the effects of negative memories. While you need to tell the story, you do not have to experience the pain of it.

It’s important to understand that only a small amount of the mind is conscious at any given time. The conscious mind is used to scan the environment and use logic to make reasonable and rational decisions about everyday life. The other subconscious 93 percent of the mind is referred to by Rapid Resolution therapists as the inner mind. This part of the mind remembers every past experience, along with the emotions felt at the time of that experience. The inner mind acts to protect you from things it perceives as dangerous or risky.

The subconscious mind does not understand that the traumatic experience is in the past and no longer presents a danger when a memory is triggered, even when the stored emotion becomes as strong as it was at the time of the event. It does not distinguish between “similar and same,” or consider that the traumatic event has taken place in the past. This is the reason why clients may have trouble moving past traumatic memories.

Rapid Resolution Therapy Can Help You Clearly Navigate Through Your Trauma And Find Calmness, Balance And Relief

Throughout your Rapid Resolution Therapy process, your therapist will continually reassure you that you are safe. When telling your trauma story, your therapist will use language that clearly conveys to you that what you are detailing is in the past and no longer a danger to you. The language subtly reminds you that the trauma is no longer occurring and that the remaining memory is stuck and needs to be cleared.

During traditional therapy, the client drives the session and the therapist allows the client’s story to unfold, slowly building a relationship together. In Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions, however, your therapist will help you create a map of where you want to go and guide you past the trauma. Your therapist controls Rapid Resolution Therapy session, and will safely guide you through your subconscious to the desired outcome.

After a few sessions, you may start to feel free, happy and secure. The eventual outcome is to update the subconscious mind with the knowledge that you no longer have to be on guard or triggered by past traumatic experience. In fact, Rapid Resolution Therapy has been known to clear trauma in as little as one to three sessions.

Find Relief From Traumatic Experiences With Rapid Resolution Therapy

If you are ready to overcome the debilitating effects of trauma, we invite you to call us for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and how Rapid Resolution Therapy can help you.


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