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Are Unresolved Emotions Or Compulsive Behaviors Causing Havoc In Your Internal And External Life?

If you suffer from emotional instability, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, an addiction or relationship issues, your unconscious mind may be contributing to your pain. Even if you have attended traditional therapy sessions, you may continue to have trouble creating significant emotional or behavioral changes in your life. Over time, unhealthy ingrained habits and responses can impact confidence and the ability to thoughtfully relate with others. You may wonder if you will ever find peace with who you are, within your relationships and in your life. The good news is that there is hope, and clinical hypnosis can help you make positive, sustainable changes. Clinical hypnosis targets the unconscious memories and emotions that are blocking you from living a calm, confident and balanced life.

Understanding Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is considered deep state brain work. Traditional therapy methods do not reach the deep state. However, through clinical hypnosis work, you can reach into the unconscious mind and unravel ineffective, undesired responses. The unconscious mind, which compromises about 97 percent of the total mind, is where we store most of our memories and emotions.

In a way, the mind is like an iceberg with very little that is easily noticeable – just that 3 percent which makes up our conscious mind. The conscious mind consists of our current awareness, such as present sensations, perceptions, thoughts and imagination. When you respond to external stimuli in a particular and sometimes strange manner, it is likely that your unconscious mind is drawing from an emotional response, which was formed many years ago and has not been updated.

In addition, the unconscious mind acts like an animal. For example, if you suffer from an eating disorder with which you overeat, your unconscious mind may have tied daily eating habits with an emotional memory of getting rewarded with food. Similarly, smokers often tie the unconscious need for deep breathing to the practice of inhaling cigarette smoke. Even though your subconscious mind may associate these negative emotions and behaviors as helpful, we know that they are not. And unfortunately, we struggle to break these ingrained patterns. This is where clinical hypnosis can help. Clinical hypnosis can help you update unconscious emotional responses, reframe thoughts, feeling and patterns and to begin to live a more fulfilling life.

Clinical Hypnosis Can Help You Break Free From Unconscious Emotions Or Behaviors

At the beginning of a clinical hypnosis session, one of our experienced therapists will ensure you feel safe and help you visualize positive memories or situations. Theta music is often used during clinical hypnosis sessions in order to create a soothing environment and take you to a deep state of relaxation, similar to REM sleep.

As you linger in the deep state, you will continue to feel calmer and more relaxed. Your therapist will then help you address your psychological state in order to update your state of mind and eliminate triggers that lead to your negative emotions and behaviors.

During clinical hypnosis sessions, you will have the opportunity to speak positive affirmations to your inner mind, which can help you build self-esteem. In most sessions, you will be asked to imagine different scenarios, whether it is visualizing a healing light moving through your mind or picturing yourself as a wild animal. You’ll be guided to create and maintain clear and focused thoughts in which you visualize your problems occurring at a distance or as if you’re watching your own personal movie playing on a big screen.

Even though clinical hypnosis may seem like you are handing over the keys to your mind to your therapist, you always remain in control of the session. Your therapist will always stay focused on your primary concerns. And, you will never be asked to do or think something that you are uncomfortable with.

By working with a deeper level of your mind, your therapist can help empower you to create change. At Personal Growth Counseling, our expert therapists have used clinical hypnosis to help countless clients maintain positive relationships, mitigate anxiety, find joy in life, move forward after a traumatic experience, overcome addiction, reduce compulsive behavior, boost self-esteem, conquer phobias and improve sleeping habits. With the help of clinical hypnosis and an experienced therapist, you, too, can experience relief and create a healthier, happier and more effective way of being.

Dig Deeper Into Your Mind To Find Peace, Joy, And Confidence

If you are ready to uncover and replace negative, unresolved emotions within your unconscious mind, we invite you to call us for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and how clinical hypnosis can help you.


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